Castapp for performer

The free basic profile

To apply to market-leading theatres and producers.

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Your online profile

Set up your profile and fill in all fields about your professional and personal skills. This will help theatres, casters and producers in their search for you. Upload various audio and video samples so that people can get a good idea of your artistic skills. You will have 2 GB of storage space at your disposal.

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One-click application

Apply for a casting at the market-leading theatres in Germany with just one click. You have the option of writing a short message with your application to let the theatre or caster know, which role or position you are applying for.

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You will receive a link to choose your appointment, if you are invited to a casting. You can select or change the appointment anytime. If you have to cancel your appointment, the theatre will be informed automatically. Information about the casting process or material for preparation will be sent to you automatically by e-mail.

Did you hear about Castapp PRO?

Upgrading you basic profile to Castapp PRO will unlock additional functions:

Video links

Create links with your videos and profile that also work outside Castapp.

Video selection

Decide for each link which videos to show.

Expiry date

Each link can be given an expiry date and will then be deleted automatically.


Receive current audition announcements that the scanner discovers on the Internet.

Unlimited storage space

With Castapp PRO you get unlimited storage for your videos and audios.

E-mail notifications

For newly published castings, you can have an email sent to you.

Verified Badge

Verification allows casting teams to immediately see that you have undergone accredited training.

Web app

Castapp works in any modern browser and requires no additional software installation.

Basic profile or upgrade?

Compare the accounts

The free basic profile allows you to apply to the market-leading theatres in Germany with just one click. You have 2 GB of storage space for video and audio files. However, if you want to use your profile for applications outside Castapp, we recommend upgrading to the PRO version.

Basic profile Castapp PRO
Storage space 2 GB
Video links -
Auditionscanner -
Verified Badge -
E-mail notifications -
Free of charge 9 €/month or 99 €/year