Why Castapp?

Because Digital Casting is the Future

Castapp simplifies digital casting processes for stage and live productions through the use of innovative technologies.

The Benefits of Digital Talent Search:


A digital search in the Castapp artist database delivers direct results and saves the detour through email inquiries.

More Comprehensive

The video profiles of over 22,000 performers can be searched using a variety of parameters.

More Efficient

Time and resources are saved as all steps are done digitally and centrally managed.

More Transparent

Performers can view the status of their application at any time and schedule appointments independently.

Who Works with Castapp?

In Good Company

Renowned producers and organizers, including Stage Entertainment, AIDA Cruises, Showslot, and Mehr-BB, have been relying on Castapp for their castings for years, successfully completing the digital transformation in the industry. This long-standing partnership highlights Castapp's role as an efficient and effective tool in the entertainment industry.

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Discover 22,000+ Performers

With Castapp, you can select from an impressive database of over 22,000 performers and contact them directly. This extensive selection allows for targeted searches for the right talent for any production. The platform thus offers a unique resource for casting managers to work efficiently and purposefully.

Performer Search

Digital Card Index

The digital index cards of individual performers provide a clear presentation of all important information such as photos, names, professions, and contact details. With just one click, you get access to the extensive profile and can view audio and video files there.

Enhance the artist index cards with your own notes, tags, and files that are only visible to you and your team. This ensures that every team member is always up to date and communication is significantly simplified.

Digital Artist Index

Manage All Processes in One Place

Castapp is the ideal tool for managing your productions, providing digital solutions for a wide range of processes – from artist search, casting announcements, their execution, to the creation of contracts and production documents.

The production overview presents all productions currently managed with Castapp. It can be sorted by years, for example.

Digital Artist Index

Benefits at a Glance

Optimized workflows and smart features facilitate collaboration within the creative team.

Comprehensive Talent Search

Find artists from dance, singing, acting, and acrobatics.

Video and Audio

Watch and listen to video and audio samples of the performers.

Notes and Tags

Write notes on an index card and assign tags.

22,000+ Profiles

The profiles can be searched using a variety of parameters.

Digital Artist Index

Build your own digital artist index for your productions.

Always Up-to-date

When performers update or add to their profile, these changes are immediately visible.

Manage Productions

Create a production on Castapp to use additional features for production workflows.

Sort Applications

Sort applications by drag and drop into different folders for further processing.

Interactive Casting Card

Evaluate the shown performances with the interactive casting card.


Announce castings that artists can apply for with a click.

Online Appointments

Scheduling appointments via link is a significant time saver for your team.

Video Auditions

With the interactive audition card, even video auditions with Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime are no obstacle.

Work as a Team

Add more users or jury members to your account at any time.

GDPR Compliant

Compliance with GDPR regulations is always ensured.

Server Location DE

Castapp is operated in a German data center (ISO/IEC 27001:2013/SOC 2 Type II/PCI-DSS).

Subscription from €299 per month

Digital Casting or Classic Job Ad?

Both are possible with Castapp! Optimize your casting processes with our digital subscription tools or use the option to publish your casting and audition call via a traditional job ad on Castapp. Both ways offer an efficient solution to find the right artist for your project.

As a municipal theater, state theater, or national theater, you can test Castapp for free for 3 months!

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