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Digital Casting

Digital casting is much more than just e-casting by video. It also includes the efficient management and organisation of artist profiles, as well as the ability to collaborate seamlessly with other team members from anywhere.

It also allows the use of innovative technologies to make the entire casting process more transparent, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Explore 16.000+ profiles

Digitalisation is more than just creating Excel lists and requesting casting videos by WeTransfer. It requires effective processing and preparation of the data in order to make it available to the creative team for viewing. At the same time, compliance with the GDPR must always be ensured.

Create a digital artist portfolio

The digital index cards of the individual performers offer a clear presentation of all important information such as photos, names, professions and contact details. With just one click, you can access the extensive profile and view audio and video files.

Add your own notes, tags and files to the artist index cards, which are only visible to you and your team. This ensures that every team member is always up to date and communication is greatly simplified.

By assigning identical tags to several artists, you can use these tags in the search, for example, to identify a complete ensemble or performers with special skills.

Manage production processes.

Castapp is the ideal tool for managing your productions by providing digital solutions for a wide range of processes - from finding artists to casting calls, running them, creating contracts and production documents.

The production overview presents all productions currently managed with Castapp. It can be sorted by year, for example.

In a production that has been created previously, castings, appointment and applicant management can be activated to make the entire process seamless and efficient.

Benefits of using Castapp

Optimised workflows and smart functions facilitate collaboration in the creative team.

Extensive artist search

Find artists from dance, singing, acting and artistry.

Video and audio

View and listen to video and audio examples of the performers.

Notes and tags

Write notes to a file and assign tags.

16.000+ profiles

Profiles can be searched by a variety of parameters.

Digital artist portfolio

Build your own digital artist roster for your productions.

Always up to date

When performers update or add to their profile, these changes are immediately displayed.

Manage productions

Create a production on Castapp to use additional features for production processes.

Sort applications

Sort applications by drag'n'drop into different folders for further processing.

Interaktiv Castingcard

Evaluate the performances shown with the interactive casting card.


Announce castings to which artists can apply at the touch of a button..

Online appointments

Scheduling appointments via link is a significant time-saver for your team.


Using the interactive castingcards, video auditions with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime are no obstacle.

Working in a team

Add more users or jury members to your account at any time.

GDPR compliant

Compliance with the requirements of the GDPR is always guaranteed.

Server location DE

Castapp is operated in a German data centre (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

Data protection and the GDPR

Castapp is the ideal solution for theatre and production companies who value data protection and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The system has been designed with privacy-by-design principles in mind to ensure the protection of personal data from the outset.

Castapp uses ISO-certified data centres in Germany to ensure the security and integrity of the stored data. These certifications ensure that the data centres meet strict security requirements and thus adhere to the highest data protection standards.

Castapp places great emphasis on fulfilling the data subject rights as set out in the GDPR. Users can view, update and, if necessary, correct their personal data at any time.

Overall, the use of Castapp ensures that all GDPR requirements are met by placing data protection and data security at the heart of Castapp's development and daily practice. The system enables theatre and production companies to manage their day-to-day work efficiently without neglecting data protection regulations.

Compliance with the GDPR is not only a legal obligation, but also a sign of responsibility and trustworthiness in dealing with sensitive data of artists and applicants.


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€ 499 per month

Creative Team

€ 999 per month



Bewerbungen + 2 € per application + 1,50 € per application + 1 € per application
Users included 1 User 4 Users 10 Users
additional users - - + 19 € per user/month
Top-Casting - + 9 € per Day
Upload link | Invitation by tag - + 119 € per month (optional)
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299 € per month
499 € per month
999 € per month
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