What is Castapp?

The Central Hub for Digital Casting

  • Without countless Excel lists
  • Without cumbersome WeTransfer downloads
  • 100% free for performers
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Castapp is Simpler

Casting Doesn't Have to Be a Fragmented Process

Successful digitalization means more than just creating Excel lists and requesting casting videos via WeTransfer. It requires effective preparation and provision of data to make it accessible to the creative team for review. Compliance with GDPR must always be ensured.

Castapp is More Efficient

Everything in One Place

Using different tools and apps for individual steps in the casting process is inefficient. Instead, Castapp offers the ability to carry out all processes digitally and automatically within one app.

This not only saves time and costs but also increases the overall efficiency of the casting process.

Castapp is Fairer

Great Audition! But Not the Right Type.

Castapp offers the ability to view performers' video profiles at any time and consider whether they are suitable candidates for a role. The creative team can review the material and applications at their leisure and ensure that only suitable applicants are invited to a casting.

What Does Castapp Offer?

Through a digital casting process, decisions can be made faster and the entire casting process can be optimized.

Over 21,000 Profiles

With a comprehensive database of over 21,000 professional performer profiles, Castapp is the first choice for casting directors, producers, and talent scouts.

Market Leader

The German market leaders in the stage sector use Castapp for the digital execution of their auditions and have successfully taken the step into digitalization.

Video Applications

Castapp makes video applications extremely easy and provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for all parties involved in the casting process.

Appointment Selection

With Castapp, casting and audition appointments can be easily coordinated and adjusted online, without time-consuming phone calls or email communication.

GDPR Compliant

Compliance with GDPR is a key focus when using Castapp. All processes and functions are consistently aligned with the regulations.

German Servers

Castapp is operated on ISO-certified servers in Germany to ensure the highest security standards and availability.

Also for Ensembles

Castapp offers the possibility to register not only as an individual artist but also as an ensemble or band. This way, groups of artists can be present on the platform together and be discovered by casting creatives.

Web App

Castapp works smoothly in any modern browser and does not require additional software installation. This ensures easy and user-friendly operation on a variety of devices and operating systems.