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Casting directors often only have a short time to look at your application and judge whether or not to invite you for an audition.

If casters can easily access your videos, profile and CV, it makes the work much easier and increases your chances of being noticed and selected for a role.

Upgrade to Castapp PRO and get all the tools you need to make your video applications as efficient as possible:

  • Personalised video links
  • Audtionscanner
  • Unlimited storage space
  • verified profile
  • Audition notifications

The functions of Castapp PRO

Find out more about the benefits of upgrading to Castapp PRO to increase your chances of getting video applications.

For video applications

Personalised video links

Video applications are part of everyday life at castings and auditions for theatre, film and TV.

With Castapp PRO, you no longer need to upload your video auditions and e-castings to WeTransfer, Dropbox or YouTube.

The Castapp PRO video link shows your videos, your entire profile, your CV and your photos. This way, casting teams can see all relevant information on one page without having to work in multiple browser tabs.

With Castapp PRO you can create an infinite number of video links and individually define which videos should be shown under this link. This way, for each application you send exactly the video profile that makes the most sense for your desired role.

Video links instead of WeTransfer?

Why this is useful

To ensure that casting teams only watch relevant videos for your application, it is important that you provide them with carefully selected footage that showcases your talents effectively.

Instead of cumbersomely downloading videos via WeTransfer, saving them on the computer and filing them in a folder together with a PDF vita, casting directors receive all the necessary information on a single page with a Castapp PRO link. This facilitates the decision-making process and reduces the administrative burden, while ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Using advanced technology, the Auditionscanner scours social media and theatre websites, always on the lookout for the latest calls for auditions in modern musical theatre.

Der Fokus des Auditionscanners liegt gezielt auf Ausschreibungen, die eine traditionelle Bewerbung per E-Mail verlangen, im Gegensatz zur 1-Klick-Bewerbung, die du bereits von Castapp gewohnt bist.

The focus of Auditionscanner is specifically on breakdowns that require a traditional application by email, as opposed to the 1-click application you are already accustomed to from Castapp.

The personalised video links are a great way to showcase your applications and use them directly in the job postings that Auditionscanner finds for you. This way you can immediately impress potential employers with your talent.

The Auditionscanner takes over the time-consuming process of searching for current auditions for you. So you can concentrate on what really counts - the perfect preparation for your next audition.

Immediately visible

Verified profile

The verified profile is an exclusive feature that underlines your professionalism in more ways than one. A verified profile displays a prominent badge next to your name that is instantly recognised by casting directors.

In order to receive a verified profile, your profile will be carefully checked by one of our employees. We make sure that all information is correct and that you have recognised training in the industry. Verification is a quality feature that signals to casting directors that you are a professional performer and thus meet a high standard in your work.

A verified profile also allows you to create personalised video links for the application process. This will help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of a successful application.

For your videos

Unlimited storage space

Bypass the 2GB limit for the free basic profiles and get unlimited storage for your audio and video content.

So you can send your videos with your application at any time - even when you're on the road - and show yourself at your best.

Quicker informed

E-Mail Notifications

By activating the notifications, you will be informed directly by email when a new audition is published on Castapp. Not only does this save you the hassle of logging in to check if there is a new audition, but it also ensures that you don't miss any application deadlines.

Castapp PRO at a glance

With an upgrade you get the following advantages:

Video links

Create links with your videos and profile that also work outside Castapp.

Video selection

Decide for each link which videos to show.

Expiry date

Each link can be given an expiry date and will then be deleted automatically.


Receive current audition announcements that the scanner discovers on the Internet.

Unlimited storage space

With Castapp PRO you get unlimited storage for your videos and audios.

E-mail notifications

For newly published castings, you can have an email sent to you.

Verified Badge

Verification allows casting teams to immediately see that you have undergone accredited training.

Web app

Castapp works in any modern browser and requires no additional software installation.

Basic profile or upgrade?

Compare the accounts

The free basic profile allows you to apply to the market-leading theatres in Germany with just one click. You have 2 GB of storage space for video and audio files. However, if you want to use your profile for applications outside Castapp, we recommend upgrading to the PRO version.

Basic profile Castapp PRO
Storage space 2 GB
Video links -
Auditionscanner -
Verified Badge -
E-mail notifications -
Free of charge 9 €/month or 99 €/year