Castings for children and young people

Castapp Junior

Castapp Junior is a specialised platform that allows parents to safely and easily register their children for theatre auditions.

With a user-friendly interface, Castapp Junior makes it easy for children to apply for roles in stage productions by allowing parents or legal guardians to act on behalf of their children.

Data protection and security are paramount in order to offer young talents a stage without jeopardising their privacy.

How to register your child:

1. Register as a performer

First create a free Performer account and enter your own name and contact details when registering.

You will receive an e-mail from us to verify your e-mail address.

2. Create junior profile

After logging in, you can now create a junior profile and fill in all the profile fields for your child, upload photos and provide details of previous experience.

3. Activate profile

Once you have completed all mandatory fields, you can save the profile. You will be asked to confirm the activation of this profile again by e-mail.

After activating the profile, you can register your child for various castings.